Street Fighter 5 - Week Five Update

by David Loft posted April 19th 2016

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Well I made it to week 5. I'd like to say I'm still going strong but other interest and responsibilities have crept in. I spent a good chunk of the week finishing off my wife's portfolio website, just as she got a new job. I've also had a number of networking issues that have kept me from playing. And lastly, much of the week I have spent obsessively playing Clash Royale. Yes, the mobile game.

I was never a fan of Clash of Clans, it just wasn't the RTS I was looking for, and while Clash Royale isn't either, it turned out to be one I really enjoy. It has unfortunately been a game that's hard to put down.

But when I was able to put it down and get back into Street Fighter 5, I can happily say I'm still enjoying the game immensely. So far this week, much like last week, my training regimen continues to be absent and I have spent the week just playing casual online matches. I have not spent any of my time practicing my moves and combos.

Thankfully playing a lot online has pointed out a few things I need to be working on. Being patient, resisting the urge to hit buttons, the importance of execution of moves & making hits count by following with a combo. Often my loses are from not doing one or all of the above. Watching the replays have made this clear, but its always easier said than done.

I am still messing up moves and combos on occasion, so practicing moves over and over will be worthwhile getting back into. But fighting the AI has not been, I definitely don't see myself playing survival mode to practice as it's just given me bad habits that get me beat online.

So for now I will definitely continue to spend much of time playing online casual matches. But I will hit up practice and challenges to tighten my muscle memory and learn new combos. I'm still leaning heavily on lesson one's combo from Chun-Li's challenge mode. I've found mastering her combo's quite difficult, but from listening to Cool Ghosts podcasts on Street Fighter 5 called The Contender, I'm clearly not alone.

Overall I'm happy with my progress, and my ability to adapt to each match is improving. So far I've found that once you find something works in a match, keep at it till it doesn't. If they're good enough they'll adapt, if not, enjoy the easy win.

In this match you'll see I had a tough time at first, I was too quick to hit buttons, I wasn't being patient and I was making execution mistakes. By the end I will have adapted to his style, and improved on my previous mistakes.

Keep an eye here on my blog and on my YouTube channel as I record my journey from zero to, well certainly not hero, but hopefully at least, something in between.

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