Street Fighter 5 - Week Four Update

by David Loft posted April 11th 2016

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So I'm one month into my journey and up to the three week mark I had been playing daily. That changed this week, although not for lack of interest. I have been updating my wife's portfolio website and its taken quite a bit of free time. And my free time is limited as I work full time and have two young children.

Another distraction was the new voice pack for Elite Dangerous called Orion, voiced by William Shatner. I had to play around with that, its pretty epic to have a space ship's computer voiced by Captain Kirk and being able to say a command like 'Computer, Engage' before jumping to another system.

So without as much playtime this week, my training fell by the wayside and I mostly just played for fun. I stopped playing ranked and mostly played online casual. I enjoyed this quite a bit more. I didn't feel as pressured to win, and loosing wasn't upsetting. I will definitely be staying out of ranked for a while.

I'm still heading into training and challenge mode to practice moves and combos. I have the move set mostly down, but I have a long way to go to master combos. I have one mostly mastered and I'm starting to work on another one. This will take time especially given my input method.

I'm currently using a Xbox 360 gamepad and I can definitely blame it for some of my execution mistakes. I desperately want to get a fight stick, but with the low Canadian dollar they're very expensive.

The best available is the Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2 Plus which goes for an astounding $350. Another good option is the HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai, but even that goes for $200. On the starter side there is the HORI HORI Fighting Stick Mini 4 which goes for just $60. But the stick doesn't use standard 30mm buttons and is not modifiable like the TE2 Plus and the Pro 4 Kai is.

I'm fairly torn with what to do. The more I practice with the Xbox gamepad the more I'll need to relearn when I get a fightstick. And if I don't get a fightstick I think I will be limiting my potential. My birthday can't come soon enough.

So to conclude, this weeks entry is entitled 'Sit Back Down!' It was a fun match vs Ken. He kept leaving himself open to the crouching heavy kick, so I kept hitting him with it, chuckling while saying sit back down each time I knocked him down. I found this video captured the casual fun of this week.

Keep an eye here on my blog and on my YouTube channel as I record my journey from zero to, well certainly not hero, but hopefully at least, something in between.

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