Street Fighter 5 - Week Three Update

by David Loft posted April 4th 2016

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So I've had Street Fighter 5 for three weeks now. And I've definitely had my ups and downs. I've been playing a lot of ranked matches this week and have won some, but unfortunately lost most.

It started to get extremely frustrating, especially after putting 20+ hours into the game and feeling like I've gone no where.

But I'm glad I'm recording my journey and that I can save my replays in game, because I can watch early online matches and than watch more recent ones and clearly see an improvement. Even if I'm still not good enough to get into bronze and out of rookie.

To help I've stopped just playing online. I start my night in training and challenges, practicing, over and over. I've begun practicing combos and I definitely feel it's helping. I than move on to practice against AI in survival mode. Of which I still can't beat Normal. But rest assured when I do I will post it. I than end the night with a few online matches.

I've found this is my best strategy for learning the game and enjoying it while I do so. It just wasn't as fun when I was only playing online, loosing the majority of games. Winning match after match in survival gives me the confidence I need online. So far for me and Chun-Li this has been a winning formula.

Keep an eye here on my blog and on my YouTube channel as I record my journey from zero to, well certainly not hero, but hopefully at least, something in between.

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