Street Fighter 5 - Week Two Update

by David Loft posted March 28th 2016

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I'm two weeks into my journey and improving everyday. I have spent the majority of my week trying to beat Survival on normal and I just can't do it. I can get to level 26 consistently, than I die at Ryu's hands just about every time. Occasionally I beat him only to die on level 27 against Zangief. I just don't understand why they don't increase the diffulty gradually. It's easy for far too long than the difficulty spikes up, it's starting to frustrate me.

Which is probably why I am playing online more the last couple days, although playing online is just difficult all the time. But the good news is I'm starting to win the occasional match, the bad news is I'm loosing the majority of matches. But I can see improvement, and its keeping me motivated to continue.

Keep an eye here on my blog and on my YouTube channel as I record my journey from zero to, well certainly not hero, but hopefully at least, something in between.

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