Street Fighter 5 - The Journey Begins

by David Loft posted March 13th 2016

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I'm new to Street Fighter, really fighting games in general. I've definitely played them, I definitely remember playing them as a young kid in arcades. And I've certainly played them at friends houses. But I wasn't buying them, and I definitely didn't have any interest in improving my skills.

With the release of Street Fighter 5, I thought it was time to get good at a fighting game, to get good at Street Fighter.

I clearly have a long way to go and hundreds of hours of playtime before I will be able to call myself good. But I have to start somewhere, so here it is. Now remember, before you laugh, this is my first online match. Yes I'm horrible, but in my defense, I have had the game all of 30 minutes. I'll be practicing a whole lot and hopefully improve enough to put up a fight in the future.

Keep an eye here on my blog and on my YouTube channel as I record my journey from zero to, well certainly not hero, but hopefully at least, something in between.

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