Response To Blunty's Response to Spawn Wave About Third Party Switch Docks

by David Loft posted July 10th 2017

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The following is my repsonse to Blunty's response to Spawn Wave, in regards to third party Nintendo Switch docks.

I agree with most of what Blunty said in his repsonse video, I never saw a big issue with the product and I never cancelled my order. But I do feel it's good knowledge to have that there is a dock on the market for half the price, although not too useful as I couldn't find one in stock anywhere to buy.

But I take issue with one thing Blunty did. He called out Spawn Wave and said he should have contacted the company and did more research. But in fact, Spawn Wave did try to contact the company, they just never responded. Also Blunty said Spawn Wave claimed the Sfans dock was from Kickstarter, but he didn't, way to do YOUR own research Blunty. Spawn Wave was discussing two docks on the market, Switch-Con on Kickstarter and Sfans on IndieGoGo. When Spawn Wave mentioned that taking a product on the market and rebranding it without making any modifications is agaisn't Kickstarters terms of service, he was speaking to the Switch-Con dock.

Personally I think Spawn Wave and especially the Internet got more upset than they should have. I'm sure that Blunty getting hate comments for reviewing a product that works well would be infuriating. I'm also sure most people enjoyed Blunty's rant, and as I said I agreed with most of it, Blunty was definitely on point. But as someone who watches Blunty's channel as well as Spawn Wave's, I definitely feel Blunty fell short, because he just sent Spawnwave, a fellow YouTuber, a tonne of unwarranted hate.

It's funny how Blunty dislikes when someone stirs up hate on the internet and than he goes and does it himself. I'm not impressed.

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