Best Five Games of E3 2017

by David Loft posted June 21st 2017

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Another great E3 in the books and so many game announcements to go through. It took some time as there were a lot of games that could have made the list, but I narrowed it down to my top 5 games of E3 2017. So here it is, starting with number 5.

Number 5. The Last Night

This is probably the most visually stunning game I saw at E3, and it was a pixel art game. The use of depth and lighting are so far beyond anything I've seen before. When watching this trailer the first couple things that came to mind were Blade Runner and Hotline Miami. The Last Night was unfortunately not playable at E3, nor was gameplay shown off. Basically What was shown was a demonstration of what they can do visually, and yet it was enough to make my number five spot.

Number 4. Spider-Man

Sony closed their show with a gameplay trailer for a very impressive looking Arkham "Esk" Spider-Man game. Spider-Man's wit was on point, the action was fast and weighty and the web slinging looks fluid. The gameplay trailer did seem to have a bit too many quick time events. But the developers have said this is for major action set pieces that are often just cut scenes and the majority of the game is open world combat. Overall I'd say this looks like the Spider-Man game we have been waiting for.

Number 3. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

This game was a complete surprise, and yet we all knew it was coming, but no one knew how good it was going to be. The game is basically X-Com with all the beauty and charm of Mario. And yet the turn based strategy somehow feels fresh and new. I loved the look and feel of the game, I was worried Ubisoft wouldn't capture the brilliance of Mario, but the art is colourful, and the animation is fluid and fun. The additional humor is great too, and its hard not to laugh at Rabbid Peach constantly taking selfies while being beaten by the Pirabbid Plant. This is a game I can't wait to dive into.

Number 2. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

I absolutely loved The New Order Wolfenstein reboot from 2014, as well as the standalone prequel The Old Blood. But I was not expecting another game with B.J. Blazkowicz, and for anyone who's played The New Order, you would know why. But I'm so glad its back and boy was that trailer absolutely stunning. Machine Games brings a tremendous sense of style to their games, with fantastic music, typography, design and cinematography. The game tops this off with excellent character development and voice over work along with some of the most impressive over the top gun play found in an FPS. The new entry to the series seems to add a nice amount of weird and humor to that formula, and I can't wait!

Number 1. Super Mario Odyssey

What can I say but of course number one is Mario. Although I must admit I wasn't sure what to think of the trailer at first watch, unlike Wolfenstein's trailer which hit me hard from the first note. Super Mario Odyssey grew over E3 with each subsequent showing on Nintendo Treehouse Live. And the trailer, much like the song, wormed its way to my number one.

The opening of the trailer was strange, I was expecting it be be a Monster Hunter game. The vocal track, a first for Mario if I'm not mistaken, felt off at first, than Mario became the frog and it was all just too much to process. There's just so much happening in that trailer. But after three or four gameplay sessions I got a sense of what the game is. First the brilliance of the Cappy mechanic, bringing endless customization and exploration. Than the excellent 2D sequences absolutely blew me away.

It's impressive how often Mario can reinvent itself and continually innovate even after more than 30 years. This game is shaping up to be a master piece and whats even more impressive for Nintendo, is they already released a master piece in Breath of the Wild this year. This is definitely looking like the year of the Switch, and what better way to top it off, than with Super Mario Odyssey, my number one game from E3 2017.

Well there we have it. If you liked what I had to say or thought I was wrong, feel free to leave a comment. This is Letters From Dave signing out.

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